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So, remember a few months ago we found a cat in our parking lot?  

Debbie with Smokey Blasko

Joel Katz did a video about it, and I named her Smokey Blasko…well, I tried to make her a part of my cat family, but Rock Star Cat Cornell and Dolly Dagger wouldn’t have it, so Smokey wound up living at Route 516 Animal Hospital for a bit.

Frania with Smokey

During this time, a new account executive started working here at Magic.  Her name is Frania, and she found out I was resident “cat lady” in the building, and we struck up a friendship.  She told me she was looking to find a playmate for her cat, Preston, and I immediately knew I had a match!

Here we are, a month and change later, and Smokey Blasko has stayed in the “family” and is happily living with Frania and her furry son, Preston!

Smokey chillin’



Animals are amazing, but the people who adopt and rescue and open their homes and hearts are event better!

Happy weekend!

Debbie’s a Maniacal Music Lover, Met fan, Animal Advocate, and Cosmo drinker!