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NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 09: Kesha presents on stage at the Billboard Women in Music 2016 event on December 9, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Billboard Magazine)

And trust, it’s not the same Kesha you used to know. The party has ended, my friends. And Kesha is ready to be real with you.

Kesha put out her first track in five years, and presumably, the song is about her issues with her former manager Dr. Luke, which includes a sexual harassment suit.

The song itself stands tall, and honestly, if you were ever a fan of Kesha, you may cry at the powerful woman she has become in comparison to her “Tik Tok” days. Though fans who were just into her for the party may stray a little after this song, personally, we find the fact that Kesha is standing up for herself amidst a battle is very strong, probably super hard, and 100% brave. Not to mention we get to hear Kesha at her rawest – that’s right, she’s dropped the auto-tune!

The gripe, however, that I can pick out, comes to the video – which is no hate to Kesha what-so-ever: The video has elements of what we saw in Beyonce‘s Visual accompaniment to Lemonade. 

From the color grading in the video to the flowing dress, to the metal bat to smash things with, AND the introspective voice-over (and the black and white component) all seem so reminiscent of the likes of “Hold Up” and “Sorry.

Of course, there’s quite a bit of Kesha in there too, being changed by two men in pig masks, rainbow smoke bombs, wearing wings, in her own wonderland of crazy. The TV wall behind her in the video that she begins to smash say social construct issues like “body image,” “how love works,” and more.

But aside from that small gripe, the song was co-written by Ryan Lewis (reported by Variety), which honestly could be a helpful place for Kesha to be. Considering that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are independents, maybe they’ll be able to teach her the ways of doing this on her own team, rather than being managed by someone else.

According to Kesha’s Pre-order screen on iTunes, Kemosabe Records, which is Dr. Luke’s label is listed – but it’s unconfirmed if this is the outlet she was releasing the work from, considering that Kemosabe had to release her from her contract.

If the track is any indication of her feelings on Dr. Luke, Kesha sounds like even though she’s in pain, she’s looking to forgive and heal from the situation, which is something that people sorely need a role model for in this world.

Watch the video here, and see what you think!


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