Have You Seen This?

WUHAN, CHINA - OCTOBER 22: A Ragdoll cat during the TICA international cat show at the Aoshan Shiji Plaza on October 22, 2016 in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. (Photo by Wang He/Getty Images)

Gracie, a tabby cat from Reedsburg, Wisconsin, is being named a hero after saving her owner’s lives.

Annette Shanahan told Madison.com that “she felt weak, ill and disoriented and wandered out of bed, collapsing into a chair in the bedroom.” This was all due to a high level of carbon monoxide in their family home.

Kevin, Annette’s husband told WREG News that, “All of the sudden Gracie, I heard she was pounding, knocking, knocking, knocking at the door and so I got out of bed and to stop her from pounding at the door, and I looked to my left and Annette was there in the chair.”

If it were not for the cat’s unusual actions, Kevin would have slept through the entire event. Most nights, the cat does not go into the bedroom so her actions seemed odd.

By the time Gracie woke the couple up, they were both barely unable to call 911. However, Kevin managed to alert help and firefighters came to their rescue. The dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide was due to a hot water heater malfunction.

Annette went on to tell Madison.com that she credits her cat for saving their lives. She said “without her obviously we wouldn’t he here.”

According to the Huffington Post, Katy Nelson a veterinarian stated that carbon monoxide affects cats much quicker. Luckily, when the malfunction happened, the cat was in a well-ventilated area. Nelson went on to states that “the symptoms of [carbon monoxide] poisoning in animals is similar to that of people, and as small as the kitty is, she should’ve definitely been affected by it sooner, so I have to believe she was somewhere with better-ventilated air.”

Thanks to the heroic actions of the small tabby, everyone in the household was saved.


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