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Forever 21 Has Stepped Up Their Plus-Size Game

While looking for high-waisted shorts, I stumbled upon something that was oh-so-fabulous, involving Forever 21.

Now, I may be a little late on this train here, but the last time I checked, Forever 21 did not have this much of a vast catalog. I was browsing for high-waisted shorts (I do not like my tummy), and Forever 21 came up as one of the retailers. When I scoffed at the fact "Yeah, I can't fit into a LARGE," I clicked the link, and to my surprise, my 18 to 20 body type was being represented! How cool is that!

Pages upon pages of Plus Size clothing from Moto Jackets to Rompers, to Dresses, and more all came to the screen! They also had big girls showing off their stomachs in high waisted shorts with crop tops, which also made me feel a little bit better about my own chub.

And not only did I notice this - but the fact that they showed some submitted photos of a girl in one of the stunning swimsuits, and it had not been airbrushed! Some of the models are, but it was nice to see a natural person thrown in the mix.


The line also showed that bigger ladies can also rock a Bodycon Dress - something that we tend to avoid sometimes:


And those leggings that we can't ever seem to find in our size that are super sexy? Yeah, they've got 'em.


It's also super exciting to see that a lot of the designs aren't encouraging women to cover-up during the hot months, but rather embrace those curves:


I'm not entirely sure if Forever 21's Plus line is as vast in store, but you can sure tackle it online! I will for sure look forward to shopping there more often after seeing this.


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