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Even if you work out every day, chances are you aren’t giving all of your muscle groups equal attention. Some of the most overlooked muscle groups are in the lower part of your core and below. How can you work these muscles out, you ask? Check out these three basic exercises, courtesy of Health.com:

  • Stability ball hamstring curl. Start by lying on the ground with your feet up on a stability ball. Bend your knees while lifting your hips to roll the ball toward you. That’s one repetition
  • Fire hydrant. Yes – just like Fido does. With your hands and knees on the floor, lift one thigh to the side and hold it for 20-30 seconds. This works out the upper part of your glutes
  • Bird dog. This one works out the muscles that run along your spine (these muscles definitely aren’t listed on any of the circuit machines in the gym, but are critical). Starting on your knees again, lift one arm straight out while lifting the opposite leg straight out

While these might not make you look tough in the gym, they will definitely keep you in the gym by helping you prevent injury while reaching up for that serve on the sand volleyball court down in Belmar this summer.

– Dan Mulcahey