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ICYMI : Gary From Chicago Steals the Show at the Oscars

Last night at the Oscars an unlikely star emerged during one of Jimmy Kimmel’s stunts.

A group of unsuspecting tourists arrived fresh off a bus to the Oscars, and had the chance to rub elbows with some of the biggest celebrities.


An audience favorite introduced himself as, Gary from Chicago. Gary was surely dressed the part of a tourist, catching every moment on his iPhone, all while holding his fiancé’s purse.

We love #GaryFromChicago and his fiancée

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Gary’s fiancé made it known that Denzel Washington was her favorite actor and he came over to quickly pronounce the couple husband and wife.

Aww! These tourists thought they were going to see an #Oscars exhibit but they got the real thing! Let me find out it's that easy to get Denzel to be the Best Man at my wedding? via: @abcnetwork @theacademy

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It didn’t take long for the offers to quickly start pouring in, as Chicago businesses tweeted that they wanted Gary from Chicago to stop by when he got back home.


Chicago Bulls on Twitter

Gary from Chicago! We've got you covered if you want to come to a game! #Oscars


Adrian Dukes on Twitter

I know for a fact #GaryFromChicago's marriage is gonna work. That man proudly held his fiancee's purse on his arm on tv and DID. NOT. BLINK.


While watching this segment at the Oscars, you really didn’t know if these people were actually surprised they were there or if it was all part of a skit. It’s hard to imagine that you could rehearse the reactions the tourists gave live at the award show, but either way they nailed it.


Pierrea Javon…I’m not perfect and I don’t feel like faking it.