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See Who Has Unfollowed You On Instagram, Twitter, And Facebook

It's a very strange feeling, wondering if one of your "friends" has unfollowed you on social media.

Given the way social media these days works, there might be a quite a bit of unfollowing happening when you don't agree with your friends. The logic makes sense. That is, until you realize they did unfollow you, it's a heart wrenching feeling.

Well, if you're a masochist, you can now know who's unfollowed you on all your favorite social media platforms. With sites like Who Unfollowed Me (For Twitter),  Who Deleted Me (Facebook), and Unfollowgram (Instagram), you can now find out who had the audacity, courage, or drive to leave your accounts behind.

Personally, I do not recommend actually visiting these websites, seeing who has unfollowed you really hurts your self-esteem, but if you want to know more about it, visit The Daily Dot for more information on the subject.



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How to see everyone who unfollows you on Twitter and Instagram:

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