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Carrie Underwood Shares A Photo All Moms Can Relate To

Being a mom comes with a lot of responsibility, especially when you're raising a toddler!

There is no exception to this rule -- not even when you're a famous country singer like Carrie Underwood.

Recently, Underwood uploaded a photograph to Instagram, showing little Isaiah sitting on her lap while she attempted to get ready for a show.

In the caption, Underwood explained her little guy woke up feeling cranky from a nap and needed to snuggle.

Moms everywhere flocked to the comment section and expressed how much they could relate to the photograph, while others noted they were surprised Carrie did her own hair.

Once again, Underwood proves she can do it all with ease!

He doesn't care that Mommy had to get ready for a show...all he knows is that he woke up cranky from his nap and needed a cuddle...and I was more than happy to comply. #multitasking #momlife #roadlife #thestorytellertour

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