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Neal Schon Not So Sure He Wants In The Rock Hall

This year's induction of 70s stalwarts such as Cheap Trick, Chicago, Steve Miller and Deep Purple has boosted Journey fans' hopes that there may be a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame future for the group.

Now, however, Journey -- or at least guitarist Neal Schon -- isn't sure he wants it.

Schon tells us that after hearing all of Miller's complaints about the induction he's having second thoughts about whether he wants Journey to become part of the club: "I don't really care right now one way or the other. After reading and talking to Steve Miller (about) what went on with him and how it was not a good experience, at this point there's so many people in there that have gotten in that are not even rock 'n' roll. I'm, at this point, who cares? I don't really care about being in there at all. It's not gonna make or break my life or who I've become as a guitarist and a person."

Nevertheless, Schon adds that there is some inkling that the Rock Hall may beckon Journey sooner rather than later: "I think there has always been an opening...Basically I think Steve (Perry) has not wanted to do it, Perry, because I think he probably wants to wait until he releases his solo record, which is supposed to come out this year and is probably why I'm hearing that we're supposed to get in this year."

Meanwhile, Journey is getting ready to return to the road Thursday (May 12) for its summer tour with the Doobie Brothers and Dave Mason.


Gary Graff is an award-winning music journalist who not only covers music but has written books on Bob Seger, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen.