My Favorite Christmas Movie - Brett Radler

The Magic of Christmas on The Polar Express

Hey! Brett Radler here. When I was asked to write about my favorite Christmas movie for our new website, I quickly jumped at the opportunity. At Magic, I’m often referred to as the resident elf, “Captain Christmas” or just plain Christmas crazy, so I had quite a few come to mind right away. Christmas Vacation, Love Actually, Elf, A Christmas Story… But there is always one that stands out to me the most. One that I always make a point to watch at least two or three times each Christmas season: The Polar Express.

When I tell people that, I get a myriad of reactions. “Are you kidding? The animation is so creepy!” “Doesn’t Tom Hanks voice, like, every character in that movie?” “Oh, I love that movie!” Okay, maybe the lifelike animation isn’t for everyone, and yes, Tom Hanks does voice an awful lot of characters. Regardless, there’s something that always draws me back. What is it? It’s that it perfectly captures the magic of this glorious season.

Following the main character and his newfound friends as they rediscover the magic of Christmas through their journey to and from the North Pole warms my heart each time. Exploring Santa’s factory, meeting Santa himself, getting the first gift of Christmas, hearing the bell… There is something surreal about this season, and there is some unexplained force or energy in the air. It could be happiness, it could be love, it could be joy and it could be something completely unknown that we just can’t put our finger on.

Whatever it is, it’s magic. Like the song from the movie’s soundtrack, “Believe” by Josh Groban, says, “When it seems the magic’s slipped away, we find it all again on Christmas Day.” And it couldn’t be truer.

Leaving Central Jersey and moving to Philadelphia earlier this year, I was wondering how I would feel when Christmas rolled around, being in a new place with new people and a new environment. And you know what? The Christmas spirit followed me here. From seeing the lights and smelling the freshly cut trees to exchanging smiles with people in the street and sipping mulled wine, you can’t escape it!

Just as the crew from The Polar Express adventured around the North Pole, rediscovering what makes the season so special, we all have our own holiday adventures each year with family and friends, both old and new. We are the ones that bring the season alive.

This Christmas, may each of us find the spirit of the season in our hearts and carry it with us, spreading the joy to as many people as we can. And may we all continue to hear the bell!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours. Thanks for making Magic 98.3 a part of it!