Fall Fashion Favorites For The Upcoming Season!

Now that Labor Day has officially passed, it is my duty to tell you that Summer is ending. 

While half of you let out a disgusted gasp, the rest of us that love the fall colors of the leaves and snuggling up in comfy clothing are cheering with absolute glee. So, for those of you who are with me, here's some of the fall fashions that never go out of style, and will keep you in the fashion know, courtesy of Pintrest (because, if you Google Fall Fashions, furry boots come to the screen, and that sounds terrifying).

The overall picture: 

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Long jeans, and those of you who hate skinny jeans - don't fret, there are many flared styles, but the great thing about skinnies is that they slip right into a knee high or thigh high boot. Scarves, of course, whether they be infinity or traditional, and jackets of all sorts.

An Open Sweater:

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If you're one of those people that gets hot and cold at virtually the same time, an open face sweater is great for you. It will give you enough air to your neck, while covering your arms. Pairing longer tunic type shirts with a belt is also a great idea, and you can match it with your boots.


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Huge supporter of boots in which your pants go inside the boot - mostly because of snow and cold weather. Now that trickles into winter a bit, but do you want shoes just for one season? I know I don't. I'm frugal!  But anyway, if you tuck your pants into your boots, your ankles won't get cold. And it helps offset that whole "wearing skinny jeans/pants" and feeling awkward, because it's kind of like a giant safety

Layers! Onions Have Layers! Ogres Have Layers! You Have Layers Too!

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This tip goes for Men and Women - always layer. It's better to have too many clothes than not enough clothes depending on the weather, and being able to layer and then take things off as needed is the practical way to go. In the case of men, a lot of the time, you can wear a long sleeved shirt and a button up, or a button up and a vest, and for women, you can wear a long sleeved shirt and sweater, to continuously feel cozy.


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Always opt for a fitted jacket. If you're hoping to look FASHIONABLE, find a fitted jacket that caters to your shape. There's nothing worse than seeing someone being swallowed by their coat. Bomber/faux leather jackets have been in for fall for the last few years, and simultaneously, a nice fitted peacoat for both men and women. Find one that gives you enough room to move your shoulders, but doesn't look like you're drowning in it.


There you have it! What are your favorite fall fashions? Let us know!

Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.