Cory Charles Checks In With Debbie

Pablo Cruise
Photo of courtesy of Pablo Cruise

Hey, it's Debbie!  Do you remember a band called Pablo Cruise?  Well, I got to talk with Cory Charles today...not only was he one of the founding members (and still tours with them today) but he's done many themes for TV shows, AND, he's got a new EP out!   The video is a hoot, and he's a fantastic guy to talk with!  Check out my interview, and the link to the video, and more!

Corey Charles1
Photo courtesy of Cory Charles

 “Because my full name is Cory Charles Lerios and the fact that my last name (Lerios) is constantly mispronounced, I decided to be CORY CHARLES for my the first solo EP release titled “If I Could Change Anything It Would Be You!”.