Adopt: Kiera

This week our featured friend is Kiera.

Introducing Kiera! She is one sweetie pie who will absolutely steal your heart and some kisses too! She is an absolutely beautiful black and white spotted mix. Kiera is a very young party girl who so loves to play. She has just enough puppy in her which makes her fun, but in contrast, she has a calm sweetness about her that makes her a pleasure to be around when you want to relax (a great TV buddy perhaps). Keria walks nicely on a leash and every once in a while, she looks up at you with her cute, irresistible face that lets you know She always wants to make sure you are right there with her. Kiera knows the command sit; and the way she responds to you is priceless. When she gives you that special look you just melt! It seems like she always wants to make you happy and she doesn't want you to leave her. Keria definitely loves people and lots of attention. She shows interest in the other dogs and wants to play with them. She would thrive in a home filled with love, treats, training, play, mental stimulation and a fenced-in yard.

Kiera will be a wonderful pet and A great lifelong companion! be the lucky one to give her a loving home, forever.

If you'd like more information about Kiera, or any of the other dogs from Magic 98.3's Kennel Club, visit