Adopt: Jeter

This week, our featured friend is Jeter! 

Jeter came in as a stray, but little did she know that she would be one of the stars in a Halloween parade dressed as a banana split! How fitting for her because she is as sweet as strawberry ice cream! Jeter is a small beagle who is very cute and friendly. She is a senior gal, but that does not stop her. She enjoys going on walks and has the energy of a young, calm dog with the perfect amount of pep. Since she is a beagle who likes to use her nose to sniff for hidden treasures, she would love to be taught to play the find it game where you hide treats or toys in the house and ask her to find them one by one. She is a happy go lucky dog who is always smiling.

Jeter will be a wonderful pet and A great life-long companion! be the lucky one to give her a loving home, FOREVER.

Don't shop, adopt!

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