Community Outreach With Racquel Williams

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Community Outreach is our new public affairs program which airs on Sunday mornings from 7-8 am. It's hosted by Beasley Media New Jersey News Director and Morning Anchor Racquel Williams. Central Jersey is rich with unsung heroes, and the focus of Community Outreach is to shine the spotlight on organizations, groups and individuals in Central Jersey that do positive work in and around the community.

From family support groups, members of the medical community and organizations that feed and house the groups that help small businesses and entrepreneurs get off the ground. Community Outreach gives a voice to those who change lives and make a difference, often times with little fanfare. Who's making a difference in your community?

Community Outreach-Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Guests: The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey w/ Shridar Ganesan, MD, PhD, associate director for translational science and chief of molecular oncology. Topic: The Latest advancements in Cancer research. Particularly the BRCA1 tumor suppressor gene – a gene, that when mutated, can cause women to be at a higher risk for developing breast and…

Community Outreach - New Jersey Re-entry Corporation

Guests: New Jersey Re-entry Corproation w/ Governor Jim McGreevey-Chairman, Rev. Bolivar Flores-Case Manager, Latino Outreach, Jersey City Employment and Training Program (and former client) Jennifer Naylor, NJRC. Topic: How to provide critically needed services to court involved individuals to empower them to achieve healthy self-sufficiency after serving time in prison, thereby reducing recidivism and fostering…
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