Billy Joel celebrates his birthday today (May 9), and while we’re all well aware of just how storied his career has been, sometimes reading a bunch of stats is a friendly reminder of someone’s greatness.

To Everything There Is a Season... and a Song

So we were asked to write about a song that really was a game changer for us. Now that’s a tough one since I've always loved music. I’ve been racking my brain. In fact, I’ve started writing about 3 different songs so far. But each time, I’ve ripped the pages from the typewriter and crumpled…

4 Killer Soundtracks Featuring the 2018 Rock Hall Class

The music of the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction likely provided some of the soundtracks to your life, but it also provided the soundtrack to some great films, too. In honor of the Rock Hall induction ceremony this Saturday (April 14), here are four killer soundtracks you should check out that feature…