Since it's "National Pet Month"

Since it's "National Pet Month" I figured it would be cool to catch up with my fave cat loving bass player, Blasko!

Blasko with Champ

He's about to go on tour again with Zakk Sabbath (Tour kicks off in NYC Thurs night) and we talked about how Champ and Captain react when they see the suitcases ready to go,  what he does to "talk" with them while he's away, and how they both dislike going to the vet!


Photo courtesy of Debbie Mazella

Blasko also has an informative and fun weekly podcast series you should check out (Manage Mental).  Bass player, band manager, cat daddy, and all around swell guy for chatting with me--that's Blasko for ya!  



Blasko with Champ and Captain

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(All photos used with permission from Blasko)



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