Vacations Are Wonderful, Aren't They?  

We always look forward to going away, and it seems like the time FLIES by so quickly!  

I recently went to New Orleans for the first time, and what a fascinating city it is!  I would definitely go back!   I mean, what's not to love?  Great food, awesome people, and lots of cool music!   We went for Jazz Fest, and saw Alabama Shakes, Amos Lee, Jonny Lang and Maroon 5!  Wanted to go back for Tom Petty, but it rained so bad, we wound up meeting up with friends and having brunch and going to a winery.  Oh, and of course, I found cats at a rug store in the French Quarter (and they ignored me, just like Rock Star Cat Cornell at home!)

As much as I didn't want to leave, it was cool to get a window seat on the way home--took pics in the air--love flying, love vacations, and can't wait to go to LA in June!

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