Today's Entertainment Update

Maryann's Entertainment Update: March 28, 2017

1 - A shake up on Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller quit the Lifetime reality show.

2 - Jennifer Lopez & Nick Jonas are talking about working alongside each other in the NBC live musical version of the 1963 movie classic BYE BYE Birdie

3 - On DWTS last night, Chris and Whitney were the first to be eliminated. Normani and Rashad tied for first.  Oh the drama.... Nancy Kerrigan had a meltdown in rehearsal. She was trying to tell the choreographer what to do. She's been bossy to staff and other contestants and has earned the crown of "Bossy Diva"

4 - Last night Rihanna added a twist to the Bates Motel. I thought she was going to get murdered in the shower, but instead, she gets out of the shower and says "screw this...."


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