On This Week's Episode of AMC's The Walking Dead...

Is it weird that I have ten times more confidence in Sasha and Rosita's mission now that Daryl may be involved?

On this week's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, things are continuing to align for one heck of a fight. Rosita and Sasha actually attempt to carry out their plan but with a twist that Rosita was apparently not in on. Sasha locks the fence to enter The Saviors' confines...alone. Rosita has no choice but to turn back but I can't say I am disappointed. Between the two, Sasha is definitely the preferred choice because Rosita was the one looking for a death wish. However, Sasha may be inside but I see her presence as a major tactical obstacle because someone will discover her location or she will swing at Negan before our groups are close enough to back her up. This will not end well...period.

Now, we also have Gregory who has proven to become a real obstacle. He is preparing to jump aboard a secondary ship when the current one he resides in will sink. And according to previews for next week's episode, he may have a hand in sinking our group's ship on Negan's behalf. I never liked the guy from the beginning, and now my opinion is simply stated to be fact.

But oh my goodness, the sigh of relief that overcame me when a shadow that I can only hope to be Daryl appeared in sight of a teary-eyed Rosita was beyond amazing. Daryl reached a breaking point this episode. He is beyond the point of pointless killing which was proven in the VEGETABLE corridor, but to kill to defend or for a purpose. The group, one by one, is getting fed up and having Daryl who just so happened to notice the absent Sasha and Rosita as one of those members is a major gain.

Let the games begin....

--Nicole Murray is obsessed with The Walking Dead, loves her dog, and actually knows what is in the special sauce--