Blake Calls Out Adam Levine On Fashion

Last night Blake Shelton commented that Adam's sweater looked like a barcode. 

Debbie in the Magic on air studio. 03/08/17

I like to think I'm up on fashion, as example check out my outfit, jeans, black with white guitars print button down blouse with a black denim jacket with patches. Now take a look at this picture of Maroon 5 and Adam Levine.  In the photo he's wearing a white dinner jacket, looks good right? Well, Blake Shelton had an issue with the sweater Adam wore on last night's The Voice.

If you watched last night's edition of NBC's The Voice, you no doubt saw Blake and Adam doing what they do best, no not offering advice to the the contestants, but bickering with each other.

At one point, while Adam was suggesting which coach a contestant should pick, Blake talked smack about his sweater looking like a barcode, therefore his advice should not be taken seriously.

Now as hard as I tried, we could not find a photo of Adam wearing said sweater, but we did come up with this video, which feature's Adam wearing it.

So, do you agree with Blake or did Adam's striped sweater look fine? Let us know!

(Videos courtesy of NBC-The Voice)

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