On This Week's Episode of AMC's The Walking Dead...

Definitely one of our slower weeks on AMC's The Walking Dead, but there were a lot of key components that may come into play within the next few episodes.

I am nowhere near surprised that Eugene was given a rather warm welcoming compared to our buddy Daryl who was held captive a barely fed a few episodes prior. Eugene gives in immediately whenever he feels threatened in anyway. So now that our little smarty pants has proven he knows his stuff, the question of the episode was, how is he was going to use his knowledge. At first, he planned to assist a helpless suicidal women feeling that there is no other way out. But after being visited by Negan, he did not hesitate to declare, "I am Negan," multiple times. I am praying that this little genius is lying to survive and does not truly believe in what he is saying.

The other major aspect to discuss is Negan's right hand man, Dwight. As much as Negan has proven that he does not hesitate to hand out punishments, he also showed us that Dwight's word is one that he will believe time and time again, even if there is no reason to. Could this be a key component to taking down the Saviors? We may have just discovered one of Negan's major weaknesses.

--Nicole Murray is obsessed with The Walking Dead, loves her dog, and actually knows what is in the special sauce--