On This Week's Episode of AMC's The Walking Dead...

Our faith was restored in Gabriel (and apparently his guts came back with it), Carol and Daryl were reunited, and Rick might have finally found a worthy ally to help take on the Saviors....what an episode.

First of all, our landfill group strikes me as a nonviolent group of Saviors. It simply takes a flick of the wrist from their leader to determine their actions, but having someone who operates like the Saviors--sort of--may come in handy. All they ask for is guns, and as much as those may be hard to come by, Rick and the gang will only benefit from people who are on their side having ammo against the Saviors. Either way, an ally is a ray of hope that this fight might actually go down with our group having the odds in their favor.

Now Richard...I understand he wants to take action; to show Ezekiel that the Saviors are a group that they should not be doing business with. But whether the person he was going to sacrifice was Carol or any other Joe Shmoe on the street...it would have been pointless. Ezekiel has seen what the Saviors are capable of and we have seen how Negan uses fear to instill loyalty. Ezekiel is aware of what the Saviors are about and that is why he is paralyzed with fear. Showing him another casualty would have done nothing for his cause.

The biggest detail of this episode that is being buzzed about is Daryl not coming clean to Carol about who has been killed at the hands of Negan. I must say, I do get it. Carol admitted in the episode that she feels her humane attributes diminishing day by day, and losing anyone else would turn her into full on beast mode against the leather jacketed gang. It was the right move to keep her in the dark--for now, and only for now.

But there are still too many unanswered questions for predictions regarding the final outcome of the upcoming war to be determined. All I know is Rosita better pull it together because her hot temper is going to blow this entire mission and fans won't be happy if her stupidity results in the loss of one of our favorites.

P.S. I have never wanted a pet tiger more in my life.

--Nicole Murray is obsessed with The Walking Dead, loves her dog, and actually knows what is in the special sauce--