On This Week's Season 7 Mid-Season Premiere of the Walking Dead...

Well...Rick and the group are back. And I am not talking "back" as in, "Oh my gosh, let's see what they can do,"...I am talking season 2 Rick who will not sit back and take it so it's time to rock back.

So King Ezekiel, he's being a bit stubborn. But to be honest, I don't see this trend lasting too long. His people have no idea about the agreement with the Saviors and keeping it hidden can only bite him in the butt. Eventually, even if he doesn't want to, he will be forced to take Rick's deal because we all know the Saviors will not honor the deal for long.

I will say, it's very bold of Ezekiel to house Daryl. Being caught with this fugitive in his borders alone could get ugly and cost the "Kingdom" everything. So, I do wonder just how against starting a war with Negan he actually is.

Now let's talk about Father Gabriel. As much as I would like to believe he is up to something to help the group, when push has come to shove, his actions almost always benefit himself. I am very weary of Gabriel, and for good reason. But something to also keep in mind is that the mysterious booted character who followed Rick and Aaron back to Alexandria has yet to be revealed. For all we know, our booted friend may have demanded Gabriel to bring back all of the supplies that had been originally stolen from him.

Let's just hope Rick can rally the troops because nothing good can come of waiting.

--Nicole Murray is obsessed with The Walking Dead, loves her dog, and actually knows what is in the special sauce--