Songs That Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Hey, so with the day that's all about LOVE coming up, I got to talking with my good friend Myra about songs that we love and make our hearts kinda skip a few beats, and she suggested putting a list together and sharing with you!   (This is why she does PR for a living, and I just talk on the air--she's got all the brilliant ideas!)

Since it's MY blog, I told her I get to go first!   Here's my TOP 10, in no particular order, either!  (Oh, and there's one we BOTH wanted for our list, and it's at the end of hers!"

 "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran - Lyrically, this song is so beautiful.  Every time I play it on the air, I leave my headphones on and just swoon.  When he sings the line about "Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul, and it's the only thing I know..." I just want to crawl inside the speakers, close my eyes, and melt!

 "You're The Inspiration" by Chicago - Come on, who DOESN'T love this song?  No explanation necessary!  

 "Girl Can't Help It" by Journey - The two people Steve Perry sing about are in love, but either too stubborn, or too set in their ways to compromise, or perhaps, in love with other people and don't want to risk hurting the ones they're with.  Not your typical "Open Arms" or "Faithfully" but still a great song about love, longing, and wanting to be with someone.

 "Miracle" by The Foo Fighters - This is one of those lesser known tracks from FF, but David Letterman LOVED this song, and had the band perform it during his last week on TV (two years ago).   Again, the lyrics just pop out and grab me (along with Dave's voice) and I know someone who recently got married and did their first dance to this song.  It's stripped down, not your typical rock anthem, and cool because it's different.

 "Miracles" by Coldplay - Yes, another song with almost the same title as the FF's!  It's on a movie soundtrack, again, lesser known but I love the lyrics "Sometimes the stars decide, to reflect in puddles in the dirt.  When I look in your eyes, I forget all about what hurts." 

 "The Rain Song" from Zeppelin - So many people would immediately say "All Of My Love" but this one is my fave.   The music and lyrics, when intertwined, are like chocolate and wine.   "You are the sunlight in my growing, so little warmth I've felt before..."  

 "Only You" from Yaz - One of my faves from the early 80's.  Allison Moyet's voice, and lyrics like "Wonder if you'll understand, it's just the touch of your hand, behind a closed door...all I needed was the love you gave, all I needed for another day, and all I ever knew...Only You."  She is one of my fave female vocalists ever!

 "God Only Knows" By The Beach Boys - I never gave this song much thought until the movie "Love Actually" and the airport scene at the end where everyone is reunited (from a flight) and hugging.   It got me thinking about the lyrics and what a powerful message it sends.   "I may not always love you, but long as there are stars above you, you never need to doubt it, I'll make you so sure about it, God only knows what I'd be without you..."

 "Don't Waste The Rain" by Travis Rice - I came to know of him through my "On The Verge" feature, and this song, and video, are incredible!  One listen, and you'll be wishing for a rain storm to keep you in bed with the one you love all day!  Check him out, he's one to watch in 2017.

 "Drive" by  Ships Have Sailed - Another band I've come to know and love through "OTV" and this is one of my fave songs of their CD "Moodswings."   Lyrically, I love it.   "Up in outerspace, the stars, they move like Fireflies, Let's never leave this place,  never grow old, never say goodbye."   They performed it live in our studio, and it always puts me in my happy place!

I have one more, but we'll get to that one in a little bit, since it's one of Myre's picks as here are Myra's picks.

"The Best" by Tina Turner reminds the world how we should view and treat the one we love everyday as simply the best.  At least one video for the song seems to agree with over 29-million views. So break out the champagne, candlelight and church gloves.

"The One" by Crown of Thorns from their album Faith is the ultimate "I Love You" to the people who have walked through better or worse with the one they love. Although not released as a single the song is a strong testament to how real love can be with someone who truly believes in and loves you for you.

"Faithfully" by Journey reflects on sacrifices artists make to bring entertainment into our lives. When Journey released it music fans globally fell in love all over again. With over 60-million views for one of the videos for the song you can decide for yourself if its worthy.

"Shadows of the Night" by Pat Benatar plays to our fantasies and/or expectations of how much fun love can be when we take chances in our quest to find it; if only for a great night or beautiful lifetime. No matter the reason why you like it, music fans around the world are still listening and watching its many videos by one of the most revered female rockers of our time.

"Rocking Chair" by Gwen McGrae was selected not only because of its powerful delivery, but because it is a hot, sexy, sensual song for women everywhere who just want to enjoy the one they love anytime of the year. It can take the mind through beautiful fantasies and create some memorable realities too if you let it.

"When You Say Nothing At All" by Keith Whitley is a universal love song that needs no explanation. It speaks to the hearts of millions about the  people we love and how they make us feel everyday no matter where we are in the world.

"Arrived" by Disciples of Babylon from a new release by a new band with an active fan base of over 20-thousand this song forces us to look at ourselves, remember everything we've gone through to find who we are as individuals and who we have become in order to leave our egos at the door for love.

"At Last" by Etta James is from a woman who lived through abuse, addiction and the injustices of her time. Walking through and rising from those ashes she delivers one of the worlds most powerful performances of finding love for all time. Music fans around the world will love her forever.

"Bed of Roses" by Bon Jovi may be a fantasy to many or to others all about making love to that special person. No matter the reason, it is a long distance love song that gives us something to look forward to when we return from our travels and it's hard to bet against it when just one of their song videos has over 96.5-million views. That's a a lot of something going on.

"Into Your Heart" by From The Fire speaks of  hope for the survival of love to those returning home after an absence. Whether a musician, truck driver, business executive, member of the armed forces or whatever takes one away, the reentry can be the hardest. From a band who had a hit they never knew about for almost two decades and whose first album all those years ago is still considered one of the best Melodic Rock albums, they deliver the sentiments of rekindling love with the love of their life.

And now to the song we both had on our list

When Debbie Mazella and I both mentioned this song was on our list we both stood our ground on wanting to keep it. Even through our jovial joust when we realized neither one really wanted to concede we did what good friends do, we comprised and came up with an alternative plan. Then Debbie threw in the disclaimer we had to say why we were keeping it. I haven't been this stressed in years, but it was worth it. It's nice to have people in our lives that we actually listen to, that push our buttons causing us to walk outside our own box at times. So after two days I had enough of stressing so here it is.

'Trust Somebody"
by Jackie Greene

Whether with his full band or just a piano, singer/songwriter Jackie Greene delivers "Trust Somebody" in powerful, mind stopping performances. No matter how one interprets the song or how it effects each individual its power moves the listener one way or the other; and if it doesn't, then you weren't listening or you're deaf.

For new love and those just beginning to find love, trusting someone is easy, and the exploring and learning begins, with many who may revisit this song later in life in order to really get it, we've all been there. For the one's who found love the first time around and are still in love, it's a reminder they made the right decision through whatever they've endured together. For those of us who decided years ago to give up on trying, choosing to live alone, his words strike without warning opening the oldest of wounds in some of the coldest of hearts shining lights of hope for as long as we allow ourselves to entertain them.

The words Jackie Greene put to music when creating this song infiltrates the listeners imagination, engages them in thought causing reflection with the possibility of meeting that one person they can trust as their best friend for life. Hell, he could probably just recite the damn thing and we'd listen, that's his talent with this song. The song itself, without warning makes us forget about the internet, our cell phones, our computers or whatever for several moments in time and make us focus on the music and just being ourselves; that's a gift so few are born with.

It's for all these reasons and others that in my opinion makes "Trust Somebody" one of the ultimate love songs of our time; today.


Support Your Artists and Great Music!! Liking a song on social media sites is great, making sure family and friends know about a song is great, but when you spend a dollar to download a song on whatever medium an artist is making available, you're supporting  the artist. So don't just like a song and share it to be a part of group, be individual, step up to the plate, buy it and let the artist know you support their music. There are a lot of artists and bands touring this year, get out and go see them live while we still can

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