For All My Fellow Cat Lovers...

Being the resident "Crazy Cat Lady" at the radio station, I couldn't wait to talk with Errin West, one of the owners of "The Cat Connection." 

They're based out of Dallas, TX, but ship world wide, and although they're  a retail store, they also do cat adoptions, set up "Cat Cafe's" and "Pop Up Stores" to bring attention to rescues and of course, their motto is always "adopt don't shop."

Interesting how we were introduced, too...I met Errin and her husband Jason due to my interview with my fave cat loving bass player, Blasko from last October!  Jason is a fan, and we started following each other on Instagram, and, well, here we are!  

 So, fellow cat lovers, check out The Cat Connection and treat your felines to some cool toys, food, and more!

 "Meow" for now!


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