Are You Happy to See 2016 Go?

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?
Last year, I took a friends suggestion to write down things that made me happy, store the pieces of paper in a jar, and then, as NYE approached this year, open the jar and read them.

So, I spent last night sitting at the kitchen table, opening up small pieces of paper, and reflecting back on nothing but happy things.

12472473_10154049621845763_5786625023935368072_nSome of them were silly, like when I wrote "It's Tuesday, April 10th, and ALL the lights were GREEN on Route 18 today!" As silly as it was though, it made me happy, so I was glad I wrote it down. There was another one where I wrote "Finally, Rock Star Cat Cornell agreed to a selfie with me!" Made me giggle again.

cc1 debbie-holding-guitar-pick 13179030_10154174047730763_8509867545739362415_n chevy-1 14925731_10154666706135763_7210197443044762543_n 15036392_10154682851275763_2947805460161241240_nOther things included some of my fave concerts this past year (Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell, Goo Goo Dolls and Green Day to name a few), catching a guitar pic at the Alice in Chains show (that I proceeded to lose 10 mins after leaving the venue!) my trip to LA where I caught up with some good friends, and saw Dave Grohl, and my interviews with artists I've had the pleasure of featuring in "On The Verge" and also my interview with Blasko, my fave cat loving bass player!

As I sat at the table, opening up all these folded pieces of paper, it dawned on me that most of the things that make me happy revolve around my love and passion for music. It has been the one constant in my life, through good times and bad, and never fails to bring me happiness.

So, as we get ready to welcome in 2017, I just want to take a minute to thank you for listening to Magic 98.3. It enables me to do something I love each and every day, which is talking to you on the other side of the mic, and being surrounded by music!

Happy New Year!

(All photos courtesy of Debbie Mazella)

Debbie's a Maniacal Music Lover, Met fan, Animal Advocate, and Cosmo drinker!