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Ray Romano's Most Real On-Screen Dad Moments

You have to hand it to Ray Romano for always keeping it real. 

As an actor, some portray real emotions from real people. Birthday Boy Ray Romano is one of those actors. In most of his roles, he takes on the Dad side, and he does it in such a way that it is believable, relateable, and of course, in some cases, funny.

Here are a few of our favorites:


Everybody Loves Raymond

Jeffrey and Michael Parent Teacher Conference (Everybody Loves Raymond)

Uploaded by The Undulator on 2015-10-15.

When the twins are faced with the decision of being held back in preschool, Ray reacts the way most dads would: comparing them to the other kids, and a little on the defense. But he does it in such a way that the comic relief puts other parents at ease.


Men of A Certain Age

Men Of A Certain Age Powerless

Brittany Curran stars as daughter of Ray Romano on Men OF A Certain Age


Taking on a more serious role, Men Of A Certain Age holds a real-life dad scenario in which the kids don't listen, and the dad grasps at straws. Not as funny in a "ha-ha" type of way, but more of a "yeah, we've been there before" way.


Ice Age

Ice Age - Sad Scene

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This particular segment is super sad for a children's flick, but it helps add to why Manny was so attached to the baby in Ice Age. He lost his son and wife to hunters, and so, despite the fact humans killed him, he knew what it was like to lose his child. His dad instincts kick in, and he helps bring the kiddo back to his dad.



What's your favorite Ray Romano dad moment? Did we miss one? Let us know!


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