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These Hockey Players Are So "Grool" In Their Mean Girls Christmas Parody

In case you need a silly thing to laugh at today...

In an unlikely choice of how to say "Happy Holidays" from a Hockey Team, a minor league Ice Hockey team from South Carolina is going viral thanks to a little parody of Mean Girls. 

If you can call Mean Girls "iconic" - which, like, you totally can, the boys take on Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams sultry Santa performance, only they are wearing Hockey Pads.

Watch it here:

2016 Stingrays Holiday Video - "Jingle Bell Rock"

Members of the South Carolina Stingrays took a break from practice to dance to Jingle Bell Rock and wish the fans a Happy Holidays.


In case you need a reminder why this scene is amazing, here you go:

Mean Girls - Jingle Bell Rock

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