Debbie's "On The Verge!" - Bailey James

So, what were YOU doing when you were in 7th grade? 
BaileyJamesI'll bet you weren't getting ready to release your debut CD, but that's what Bailey James is about to do!  For being so young, she's talented, grounded, and really enjoys singing!  You'll be able to get "Where it all Begins" on April 29th, and I hope you check out my interview with her, and become a fan!

13-year-old recording artist Bailey James daily routine includes going to school, working on her music, taking voice lessons, and learning how to play guitar, and still manages to find time to post selfies and chat with her friends. Click below on her website for her full bio.

Instagram: BaileyJamesGang
Twitter: BaileyJamesGang
Facebook: Singer Bailey James
YouTube: Bailey James

(All Photo's and Videos courtesy of Bailey James)

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