My Favorite Christmas Movie - Debbie Mazella

So, John Lisk is a great guy.  He keeps you company at night here on Magic 98.3, and, he's also the guy who bugs all of us to share things with you here on our website (I'm kidding about the bugging us part, of course).

He asked me to tell you what my favorite holiday movie is...that's easy!  "LOVE ACTUALLY!" 
I love this movie for a gazillion reasons, from the brilliant cast, to how it moves from story to story within itself, but if I had to pick one scene that leaves me in happy tears, it's got to be the airport, at the beginning, and the end, and what Hugh Grant says about everyone being happy to see one another, and The Beach Boys "God Only Knows" playing in the background.  Watching these scenes make me miss my Dad, but also reaffirms my belief in mankind, and how, at the end of the day, we really DO want to be kind to one another.

So, thank you, John Lisk, for making me cry happy tears as I wrote this, and, to you, Happy Holidays, and thanks for working with me each day!