UPDATE: Big Bird Makes Big Move To HBO

Apparently the 30-minute cut was for a reason, because Big Bird and the rest of the clan are moving to HBO!

According to The New York Times, "Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit group behind the children’s television program, has struck a deal with HBO, the premium cable network, that will bring the next five seasons of “Sesame Street” to HBO and its streaming outlets starting this fall."

Yowza! So apparently the episodes will be aired on HBO first, and then available for free after 9 months, along with spin-offs created, to maximize more educational programs.

So, I guess that means that the world of Sesame Street can get upgrades, rather than downgrade! Bigger nest for Big Bird, cleaner streets for Oscar, more cookies for Cookie Monster, and Elmo will be well funded without a sabbatical.

Maybe that means that there will be more Game of Thrones parodies?


ORIGINAL POST: Nothing Is Sacred - Sesame Street Cut to 30 Minutes

This segment has been brought to you by the letter B - B as in BUMMER!

PBS is cutting the beloved show down to 30 minutes, after being an hour long show since 1969. According to Current.com, since the channel has cut episodes down to 30 minutes for one day's time slot, and ran the hour long one as well, the 30 minute sets have been accepted for an increased 40 percent.

To some,  this is a triumph and penny pinching tactics, while others are sad that this is one of the last animated TV shows out there and now it's slowly phasing away.

So we have to wonder, what type of segment runs in a 30 minute time slot? Including commercials? What bits do they cut out?

Here's what sort of changes we plan on seeing from this rocking of Sesame Street's World:

- Big Bird will have to downsize to a smaller nest.

- The Count will only be able to count to the number 30, they won't have time for the rest.

- Elmo is taking an unpaid sabbatical after hearing  his cousin Gitmo appeared on Jon Stewart's goodbye show and is still trapped in Guantanamo Bay, and he wants to bring him back to America.

- Oscar the Grouch will have to maintain his area better, as trash will only be picked up every other week, versus it's normal weekly scheduled pickup.

- Bert and Ernie are still living together, but it's only for financial reasons.

- Cookie Monster has to switch to Chips Ahoy! Cookies, rather than the gourmet, fresh-outta-the-oven snacks he's used to having.

- Grover will be doing Old Spice commericals:

-And, well... We won't tell you what Mr. Snuffleupagus is doing... you just don't want to know.

All joking aside, we are in agreement with Current -  Any Sesame Street is better than no Sesame Street.


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