"Debbie's On The Verge" - "Eli & The Strawman"

Debbie here! Wanna check out some cool new music from Canada?

I'm always looking for some new stuff to listen to, and found out about these guys, "Eli & The Strawman!"   Reminds me of many artists/bands that we play here on Magic; one that comes to mind is Imagine Dragons!

Although many of the songs have been around for quite some time, this project is relatively new. The full band was put together last November and has been playing shows (mostly in Toronto) since.

They're currently in the studio, working on their first CD, too! For now, you can hear three songs here: https://eliandthestrawman.bandcamp.com

and can get more info (and sign up for a free download) at their website: www.eliandthestrawman.com<http://www.eliandthestrawman.com>

Also, check out my interview with Eli, too!