Top 10 Snow Day Essentials

The weather outside is frightful...but these cool objects will make your show day delightful!

The Flexible Flyer Snowball Maker

This is a lightweight snowball maker for quick snow compacting. It makes perfectly round snowball in roughly one second, ideal for preparing snowballs before a big showdown.


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Wham-O Snow Crossbow

After you’ve made your ammo, load up your Snow Crossbow that blasts snowballs up to 80 feet, allowing long-range attacks on opposing forces.

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Touch Screen Gloves

With conductive material on the thumbs and index fingers, these gloves keep your hands warm while you send text messages and surf the web on your phone. Because you know you’re going to post an obligatory Snow Pic eventually.

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 Poof Slinky: Sno-Art Kit

Create masterpieces in the snow (or draw dirty pictures on your neighbor’s lawn) with these sno- crayons and sno-paint color packs.

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Heated Ice Scraper

Simply plug the Heated Ice Scraper into your car's 12-Volt outlet and in just a couple of minutes it's ready to cut through stubborn ice. Plus, it has a built-in rubber squeegee to wipe away the excess water, leaving a clear, unobstructed view.

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NiceRink™ 20' X 40' Rink-In-A-Box

Rink-In-A-Box comes complete with patented brackets (for setup on uneven ground) and a liner to create a 20-by-40-foot backyard rink, allowing you to host a Winter Classic at your own home. Henrik Lundqvist or Martin Brodeur not included.

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 Forever LazyAdult Footed Onesie Pajamas

For the ultimate snow day, don these Adult Footed Onsies. For extra credit, wear the Sleepy the Snowman design, shown below.


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The Pajamas Warming Pouch.

For added comfort, warm your Forever Lazy (see above) in this heated pouch. The pouch has heating elements that reach 118º F and a thermal satin interior that retains heat, resulting in toasty warm pajamas in 10 minutes.

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The Street And Snow Scooter

This is the scooter that converts from a wheeled street model to one with skis ready for the slopes. With two patented HDPE skis it enables riders to carve turns in fresh powder or packed, groomed snow. However, it only supports riders up to 140 lbs. Otherwise, you’re gonna get stuck.

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Snoopy Sno Cone Maker

Beware of yellow snow. Flavored vodka optional, but recommended.

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