Top 10 Bizarre Candy Cane Flavors

You thought the pumpkin craze ended in November? Think again. Now Pumpkin Pie comes in straight up sugar form!

Children everywhere will NOT be nestled all snug in their beds, because they’ll on be on sugar highs from these Sugar Plum candy canes.

In addition to men and houses, Gingerbread now takes on a new form.

These Cinnabon Candy Canes are being marketed as a healthier alternative to cinnamon rolls. In fact, they have 825 less calories than the real thing.

Swedish Fish Candy Canes taste like the candy. Not actual real fish from Sweden.

We wouldn’t be surprised if they made fish flavored canes because things are about to get weird.....

If you're the savory sort, you might prefer the dill tang of Pickle Candy Canes. They’re fancy! And you can always trick the unsuspecting by telling them the green color is Wintergreen!

There's a reason Santa comes down your chimney - he likes it hot- much like J&D's Sriracha Candy Canes.

Also on the spicy side and good for tricking your friends is mouthful of horseradishy heat from these Wasabi Candy Canes.

You can always count on gravy to cover up bad cooking and make it better. So try these Gravy Candy Canes to make awkward holiday gatherings tolerable!

Mmmmmmmmm Bacon.  Enough said.