Top 10 Things We’re Thankful For

(Plus a few more!)

This Thanksgiving, the staff at Magic share some of the things that they are thankful for. Happy Holidays!






I’m thankful to have a warm home, great family, friends and co-workers.  And, becoming a grandfather this year!  (At such a young age!) 
Jeff Rafter/Afternoons on Magic

I’m thankful to be working at the best job I’ve ever had in radio.
Chris McCoy/Mornings

I am thankful for the brave men and women that make it possible for us to enjoy this holiday and our way of life! 
John Lisk/Afternoons

I’m very thankful I’m not a turkey!!!  
Maryann Morgan/ Weekends

I’m thankful for Twin Oaks Catering so I don’t have to cook Thanksgiving dinner!  Debbie Mazzella/Middays

I am thankful for God, my family, friends, and the troops. 
John Patterson

I’m thankful for working somewhere that encourages my obsession with all things Christmas–now haul out the holly! (And put up the studio tree so I have something to decorate while I’m on the air.) 
Brett Radler/Weekends

I’m thankful for coffee. Oh, and also to have such good friends and family in my life. But more so coffee!
Corey Goldberg/Weekends

It’s very simple: I am thankful for the friends, family and colleagues I have in my life who really came together this year to offer major support when times got rough. In addition, I’m extremely thankful that 2013 is almost over and for a fresh start in 2014.  
Heather Kennedy/ Traffic Director

I’m thankful I have my parents! 
Diana Ferrito/Weekends

I’m thankful for radio! 
Lauren Pressley/Weekends

I’m thankful for not having to cook the turkey! 
Dan Mulcahey/Weekends

I’m thankful for the good health of my family and friends and the opportunity to enjoy the holidays with them again this year.  
Joel Katz/ Weekends

I am thankful for good health, to be employed, to have a roof over my head that I can afford, to be almost finished with my classwork toward a second degree, for my sweet dogs who make coming home from work each day such a joy, and most of all for family and good friends.  
Loretta Windas/Weekends