Top 10 TV Moms

Carol Brady- "The Brady Bunch"
Played by Florence Henderson
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Mother to Marsha, Jan, and Cindy;
Step Mother of Peter, Greg, and Bobby

With children from two different marriages Who else on this list of moms had their hand's full as much as Carol Brady?

Marion Cunningham- "Happy Days"
Played By Marion Ross
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Mother of Richie and Joanie

Marion takes us back to simpler times where a good meal and sound advice can solve any crisis in under 30 minutes. Marion is known for her witty comments, raising wholesome kid, and even dancing with the Fonz.

June Cleaver-"Leave it to Beaver"
Played by Barbara Billingsly
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Mother of Wally and "Beaver"

While the series' star "Beaver" Clever discovers the wonders of the world he grows up in, June is there to make sure he's staying out of trouble and has his lunch packed properly for school. June definitely set the standard in her day of being the sweetest mother on the block.

Florida Evans- "Good Times"
Played by Esther Rolle
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Mother of James Evans Jr, Thelma, and Michael

Despite tribulations like racial discrimination, street crime, low income life, and other scenarios not seen in many shows of its day, the kids had Florida to let then know everything was going to be okay.

Clair Huxtable-"The Cosby Show"
Played by Phylicia Rachad
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Mother of Sondra, Denise, Theo, and Rudy

Successful attorney, mother of five, and wife to Cliff which is a full-time job in itself, Clair managed to bring us humor and good moral values each week.

Marge Simpson-"The Simpsons"
Voiced by Julie Kravner
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Mother of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie

The fictional wife of uber-dufus Homer has been dealing with the constant ridiculousness of her husband's antics week after week for almost 20 years. Add her trouble-making son Bart, over-achieving daughter Lisa and toddler Maggie to the mix and you have a mother that manages to keep her cool (most of the time) and still provide a warm hug at the end of the day.

Debra Barone- "Everybody Loves Raymond"
Played by Patricia Heaton
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Mother to Ally and twins, Michael and Geoffrey

Having 3 kids and Ray as a husband is difficult, but with the in-laws living next door, Debra rarely has any privacy. With that said she is one of the toughest mom’s around and has paved the way for the non-nonsense TV house wife. She doesn’t bite her tongue and manages to teach her kids respect and that being a great cook isn’t necessary in being a great mom.

Peggy Bundy- "Married With Children"
Played by Katey Segal
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Mother of Kelly and Bud

Peggy, while not the best role-model of a mom (she refused to cook or clean for the family, even though she didn't have a job), always provided her love to her husband and their two trouble making teens.

Angela Bower- "Who's the Boss?"
Played by Judith Light
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Mother of Jonathan

Angela Bower helped to show the world that there is more than one way to be a great mom. She is a high powered advertising executive with a live in male housekeeper. Although she doesn’t cook or do any of the cleaning, she adores her son and will do anything for him. The gender reversal on this show proved to be a hit with ratings and working moms

Claire Dunphy- "Modern Family"
Played by Julie Bowen
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Mother of Haley, Alex, and Luke

Stay at home mom Claire is good at dealing with her kids seeing through lying and manipulations. Her insight comes from her own wild teenage years. She's now the kind of neurotic, Type A mom that we all desperately need sometimes — to keep us from making huge mistakes, and to scold us when we're acting like brats.